Start: Saturday 12 th December 2020 at noon, Barcelona time (GMT+1)
End: Sunday 13 th December 2020 at noon, Barcelona time (GMT+1)
Location: Your choice of route/place.

24 hours Individual: Cover the longest distance possible in 24 hours.
12 hours Individual: Cover the longest distance possible non-stop in 12 hours, within the 24h timeframe.
6 hours Individual: Cover the largest distance possible in 6 hours non-stop, within the 24h timeframe.
100 miles (160,94344 Km): Run 100 miles in the shortest time possible within the 24h timeframe.
100 Km: Run 100 km in the shortest time possible, within the 24h timeframe.
50 Km: Run 50 km in the shortest time possible, within the 24h timeframe.

- Super Teams: Cover the longest combined distance possible in 24h by adding together the distances covered by all team members (with no limit) during the 24h timeframe.
24 member team: Cover the longest combined distance possible in 24h by adding together the distances covered by all team members (maximum 24) during the 24h timeframe.
6 member team: Cover the longest combined distance possible in 24h by adding together the distances covered by all team members (maximum 6) during the 24h timeframe.
Couples: Cover the longest combined distance possible in 24h by adding together the distances covered by the two team members during the 24h timeframe.

Entry Form:
As a charitable race, even though this year will be a virtual event, we are staying true to our objectives and would like to raise funds for the Fundació Miquel Valls, as a homage to our team-mate Biel, who unfortunately left us this summer due to ALS. In this spirit this year we are asking for voluntary donations and the amount of the entry fee is for you to choose – please go to migranodearena.orgVirtual24h with ALS

• You can register at In addition to all your personal details (first name, surname, date of birth, nationality and sex) you have to associate your Strava account to synchronize your activity data with the event.

• Team registration: one representative of each team should register first. This registration creates a code that should be shared with all the other members and then entered when they register. A runner can be a member of various teams if they are in different categories.

• The deadline for registration is by the race start time (Saturday 12 th December 2020 at noon), but BIB numbers will only be sent to those that register by Wednesday 9 th December.

• Runners can register for more than 1 race, within the following limitations:

Individual runners:
- The distance races (50km, 100Km and100 miles) should be completed in a single Strava activity (just one track) that should cover at least the official distance (49,99Km, 99,99Km or 99,99 miles or less are not valid)
- The timed races (6h, 12h and 24h) can be divided between different tracks when the runner participate simultaneously in different races. For example, a 24h participant can upload to Strava an activity of 100,02km and another one for the remainder of their 24h time.
If there are different tracks that fulfil the requirements of the race, the system will take the best result. For example: if a 24h runner uploads 4 Strava activities of 6h, the longest distance will be used for the 6h classification.

By way of further explanation, here is an example for a 24h athlete who wants to participate at 50km, 6h, 12h, 100km and 24h:
They should upload to Strava:


Distance (km)



Track 1



More than 50km -> ok

Track 2 4,11 0h37’ 5h22’ + 37’ = 5h59’ -> If there's less than 6h between the start and the end -> ok
Track 3 55,30 5h58’ 5h22’ + 37’ + 5h58’ = 11h57’ -> If there's less than 12h between the start and the end -> ok
Track 4 100,02 11h45’ More than 100km -> ok
Track 5 3,21 0h17’ 5h22’ + 37’ + 5h58’+ 11h45’ + 17’ = 23h 59’ -> -> ok
Total 162,73 23h59’ Start time at noon on Saturday and finish time at noon on Sunday (maximum)

With these activities the athlete would have the following results for final classification:
5h22’ for 50km
11h45’ for 100km
54,20km (50,09 + 4,11) for 6h
109,50Km (50,09 + 4,11 + 55,30) for 12h
162,73km (50,09 + 4,11 + 55,30 + 100,02 + 3,21) for 24h

For the athletes at the 6h or 12h who wish to participate in other races, between the start of the first race and the finish of the second race the maximum time of the competition cannot be exceeded.
E.g.: If a 6h athlete starts at 13:06:25 should finish by at 19:06:25 (at the latest).
If this limit is exceeded, we will not consider the shortest activity that can compensate the added time.

Individual participants can also be members of a team.
Participants that only take part as members of teams don’t have the limitations as individual entrants. Between 12pm on Saturday and 12pm on Sunday they may upload as many activities as they wish to Strava - the system will compile their results.

Teams compete my adding up the total km of their members, relays are not required.
Members can run whenever they like and with other members of their team if they choose.

• Strava Activities must be uploaded before Monday the 14 th December at 11:59pm.
Uploaded activities shouldn’t start before 12pm on Saturday 12 th and shouldn’t finish after 12pm on Sunday 13 th December (Barcelona time: GMT+1)
Activities cannot be manually created on Strava and should be registers from GPS (or equivalent if indoor).
• All participants allow their first name, surname, sex and date of birth to be published on the registration list and as part of the partial and final results, according to the established regulations.
• All participants agree to transfer their image rights to the organisers for the purpose of event reports and for an unlimited period of time.
• By registering to participate in this race, the participant exempts the organisers from any responsibility, damage, or loss caused to or by other participants.
• Results will be not official. Results will not be sent to the IAU, neither will they appear in competition rankings.
• There will not be drug test ;P
• All participants will receive a commemorative diploma with their times and results.
• Those athletes that previously won free registration for 2020, will maintain this privilege and have it transferred to the 2021 event.
This year no free registrations for the next edition will be given as prizes.


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